By the River

Spring Reboot

Spring is a time of new beginnings, we are waking up from our winter slumber and emerging into a world of growth, warmer weather, more daylight. Along with that comes allergies, lethargy, and a need to cleanse and release the residue from the colder months of winter. 

Three Week Cleanse and Reboot

During the next three weeks, we will work together to make the transition from winter to spring an easy one. 

we will create a personalized plan to target your needs. 

Yoga and Exercise

You will have 6 yoga classes at Satya Yoga (in-person or online) included in your reboot. We would like you to practice twice a week. We will also make a plan that includes your fitness activities or create them if you are currently not exercising.  

Coaching Sessions

You will have three coaching sessions, which we can do over zoom. I will explain your mono-diet and make any changes that may need to be made. Together we will create an exercise, lifestyle, and self-care plan that is doable for you and your daily life.

The Mono Diet

You will have the option to choose a three or five-day Mono diet, this is not a only eat this much kind of diet. a mono-diet is used to reset your digestive tract and cleanse it from the heaviness of fall and winter foods. We will build a healthy diet around the three or five-day mono-diet as well.


This reboot is packed with self-care practices to help calm and ease your mind. This is often overlooked when doing a cleanse of any kind, however, self-care is the most important key to success. 

The Goods

You will receive 6 Yoga classes, 3 Coaching sessions, a packet of spices for your mono diet, a tongue scraper, CCF tea, a bottle of Nasya Oil, a bottle of sesame oil, Triphala tablets, Recipies, and Tracking charts.  

What to expect

Oils & Candle

Each Reboot will be different, depending on the client and their constitution. The base of the reboot is balanced for everyone, however if we find a deeper imbalance we may add some different spices, exercises or lifestyle changes so the magic can happen. 

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